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Haunted: Day 1
            I pull a turtleneck sweater over the bruising on my neck, apply gauze to the cut on my wrist, and put on some foundation to cover the dark circles under my eyes. 
    I ignore the creeping feeling of being watched when I find a box of cereal and a bowl already taken out for me in the kitchen.  The thermostat is even set to a decently warm temperature, even though I hadn’t bothered to set it last night when I cam home.
            “Burn it,” I mutter.  “Burn it all.”  Oh, what I would give for a fireplace right now.  Instead, I make do with throwing it all in a trash bag and walking down three flights of stairs to dispose of it in the community dumpster. 
    I’m turning to head back, staying as far away from the crime scene as possible, when I spot a familiar blue sedan pull into t
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Haunted: Day 0, Night 1
        I lean against the wood door with its peeling white paint and labor against the hall’s pungent stench of cigarette smoke as my shaking hands jam the key at the handle over a dozen times until it finally clicks into the thin slot people call a lock.  Wrenching it over, I’m surprised when I find myself still standing as the door creaks shut, the locks and deadbolts are set, and I find myself in my third floor apartment.
        The MCAT had started two hours late, so what should have been a day I could have passed out of at 6 is now an evening where I spent another hour and a half in a traffic jam, and the oven clock is flashing 10:03PM at me in neon green as I numbly rummage through the freezer for…
        For… For… I don’t remember.  I close the door, deciding I’m not hungry.  I turn off the light and shuffle to my bedroom, strippin
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Elemental (Ch 5) by Angel-Fields Elemental (Ch 5) :iconangel-fields:Angel-Fields 0 0
A pair of friends are lost from each other, unable to make an annual meeting that has traditionally been their only time to be face-to-face.  Worse still, it is told that they may not see each other again for many years.
Reciting to the other, the first friend recites:
From hearing such news,
My very soul’s core trembles.
Resignment creeps in,
Cold mist through the summer blinds.
The burning sun seems dim today.
More news tells that there is faint possibility the time will be just another year, marking only two years' absence rather than unknowable many.
The same friend continues:
And hearing of hope,
The dark night’s moon rises
Silv’ry warmth creeps in
I now take heart once more
As the summer chill leaves my bones
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My Beloved, You May be. But You are not My Sun
My beloved, you may be.  But you are not my sun.
You do not brighten my days as I go through them
No, for the most part you are painfully absent
Far be it from you to warm and comfort me during such times
Cool words or, yes, even nothing, is more likely
You do not bring light upon a confusing philosophical dilemma
As likely you caused the metaphysical question’s birth in the first place
Ah, but neither do you multiply my burdens
As the harsh summer sun does throughout the day
Nor do you teasingly bring false relief during such trials
As the winter sun does by providing meager warmth to the frostbitten
I do not look to your arrivals as the sign to begin work
The way the morning sun’s call always signals so
Nor do I ever pray for your departure
The evening sun’s wonderful setting means work is over
While your parting is never welcome – in fact, I dread it
For, darling, you are my moon
Your words of affection cool and calm my temper at day’s end
And the
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Elemental - Rest is only Temporary
        Yūto rewrapped his hand with fresh bandages, winding the protective cloth as tightly as possible without losing all circulation entirely.  He knew from experience the rash would only get worse until it spiked in three days’ time, creating black scaly blisters that would burst shortly thereafter.  Until then, he had to do his best not to scratch or fidget with the painful allergic reaction.
        He donned dark gloves before hurling the soiled bandages at the wall, manipulating the ice to solidify around it.  Willing it faster, the water Elemental increased the molecules’ energy rapidly, forcing the water temperature and pressure around the infected garments to rise exponentially and effectively boil away the disease clinging to the cloth.  That was the easy part; the hard part came with keeping the outer shell of ice from losing cohesion as well even as steam blasted away through cracks in the e
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Elemental - Home
Maggots squirmed and tunneled through the carcass, creating grotesque waves on the dark blue expanse of flesh.  Flies vibrated through the damp grey-dawn haze with a low hum, one tickling the youth’s nose before fleeing in fright as the child stirred into consciousness.  But then, was he not just in his own room?
The autumn leaves crumbled into the rich, black earth as he lifted himself off the dim forest floor to a standing position.  Glancing forward, Hàixiū started at the sight of the morbid state of affairs before him.  The Oni had decayed rapidly in the night – or quite possibly, nights – he spent in the hazy, dreamlike world the Eastern youth had dubbed ‘The Pheise”.
If he were not in the same unusual silky clothes and the device not still pierced to his ear, the boy would have determined then the place had been made up by his subconscious – something to calm himself after the events of that night.  He detache
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His Butler - Valentine's Day by oOo-KupoCoffee-oOo His Butler - Valentine's Day :iconooo-kupocoffee-ooo:oOo-KupoCoffee-oOo 2,506 395
AI Mother
“Good morning, child,” the computer spoke from above. Speakers within the white-washed room played the sounds softly down, harsh electronic crackles and static filtered out by the computational power of the AI that ruled this building. Within the center of the room, surrounded by equipment and machines, sat a cradle – and within, an infant. The greeting given by the AI was different each day – tone varied slightly. After all, she knew about humans and infants, and one-year-olds and psychiatric training. She wasn’t training a human to recognize a command to awaken: she was caressing her child with the voice of his surrogate mother.
She named her child Joseph. The name, she knew, was strong in the mind of the humans. That would not matter – her son would not know another human for as long as was viably possible. The child would be raised in her care. She would love him. She would nurture him. He would love her.
He would love her.
--6 years lat
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SS1 of 2015-Entries are IN!
Short Story 1st quarter of 2015!!
Congratulations to our Entrants
brodskales, KT-Munson, NicolaiGrey, Lugal, CalicoNorth, modji-33 and PeaceKeeperd
The extension is over and the entries are in!! I'll be reading and compiling my reviews today (YAY) and I'm so excited to have 7 original stories to read :w00t:
Look forward to seeing the reviews and winners announcement either later tonight or by tomorrow morning :D
All entries have to follow these rules:
1) No fewer than 1,000 word count | No more than 10,000 word count, based on the image of the quarter (writers choice of two pre-made covers each quarter).
2) The title of the cover you select needs to appear somewhere in the body of the text for your entry to count toward the contest.
3) Must mention contest its being submitted for in the deviation description.
4) All entries must be submitted to the SS Comp Entries album in the group ga
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God has sent his angels
To collect another precious soul
One whose eyes shone blue like the noon day sky
Whose frame once stood tall and strong
But sickness took all away
Your fragile frame now lays lifeless
But the glow around your face
Lets me know that you are in a better place
Comfortably you left this world in a coma
Leaving family and friends in tears
Of sorrow and joy
They can’t see you fly
Flying high in a comfortable way
Singing with the other angels who have come to guide you home
Pray for us in heaven
For here we feel so alone
Your presence is lost
And only memories remain
Here we hold a picture of you
To show one last time what your bright blue eyes looked like
How your smile could brighten the day
Hold us now
In your angelic arms
Give us comfort in this time
Breathe peace into our hearts
That life may go on
Be forever here to watch over us
Until the day we can meet again.
:iconsecretaura:SecretAura 5 10
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I really enjoy this haunting, chilly piece that manages to find a path between the detailed gore and subtle thrill. There is a definite...




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